Java Log!

**This is a sponsored post. I received product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion. All opinions are my own**

Just in time for the holidays! What says cozy more than a nice, warm fire? As you know, the new house we moved into has two fireplaces, which we love to use. As soon as the nights get below 50 degrees, we are all about cozy fires. We were thrilled when I was approached by Pine Mountain for this opportunity. Pine Mountain sent me Java Log which is made out of recycled coffee grounds. This sucker smells amazing! Hunny liked that it burns cleaner than ordinary wood- 78% less carbon monoxide and 66% less creosote. So this is better for you and the environment! It burns just like regular wood; it has bright beautiful flames. The coffee scent is subtle, not overwhelming. We also noticed this left less ash than a regular wood fire. Less cleanup! We will definitely be getting these again!
You can check out all of Pine Mountain products on their website and their products are in stores nationwide, including Walmart and Amazon.You can also find them on Facebook and YouTube!


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