**I received product in return for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own.**

If you have ever had a teenager and/or a husband, you know that clothes can get funky. I mean the ground in dirt, sweaty, oily, smelly kind of funk. You know the kind. And sometimes it takes a couple washings to get the stink out of the clothes if it's really bad. Enter Defunkify!
This laundry soap was developed by a small group of scientists, inventors and chemists at the University of Oregon. They got together and came up with this soap that uses the newest in green clean technology. But, even though it penetrates deep into the fibers to get all the stink out, it's still gentle on them.
So, of course, just when I need Hunny to be home to be my test specimen, he's not. I used the next stinkiest thing I could think of-towels. You know when the wet towels have sat in the hamper just a bit too long and they have that musty odor that nothing seems to really get rid of? I had a few of those, thanks to my son. and I threw them in the wash with just Defunkify, not even any fabric softener! And they came out smelling like new! I was very happily surprised! Not a trace of mustiness! The towels were clean, not a spot on them, soft and sweet smelling. I really liked the fragrance of this too. Not too much, but a light refreshing scent. Lovely.
You can check them out on their website, Facebook, or Instagram! Right now, you can only purchase from their website, with free shipping on orders over 25$. Go check it out! Your family will thank you!


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