To The Moms-

Yesterday got me thinking. All over social media, you see memes about moms, funny ones, sentimental ones. And it got me thinking about all the moms out there. The new moms, the "seasoned" moms, the empty nesters, etc. How we all belong to the same club but are on different paths. Which then got me thinking about the people, like myself, who struggle with days like Mother's day. Whether they struggle because they have lost their mother, their child or are struggling with infertility. It makes me want to pull all of us together and say "Everything will be ok". Because no matter what path you are on, you are struggling with a different aspect of motherhood.
To the new mom, who is sleep deprived, stressed and scared of this little person who has been put in your charge, I want to say, it will be ok. You will not make too many mistakes and those mistakes that are made, aren't that big a deal. We all have been there. And yes, you will figure out why the baby is crying eventually. Soak up the baby cuddles and smiles now. You will need them later. To the moms of teenagers, they will grow up and stop being the evil little snot they have turned into. There will come a day that the switch will flip and they realize you are a good mom and not out just to ruin their lives. Remember I said to stock up on those baby cuddles? This was why. To the empty nester, they do come home. Your house will not always be so quiet. Remember grandchildren! Learn to embrace the quiet and the time to yourself! You earned it!
And to all those who struggle on Mother's day, I'm there with you. You are not alone. It's a bittersweet day for me. I celebrate the fact that I have 3 beautiful children, but the whole time feel the tickle of sadness, even 20 years after losing my mother. You never get over loss. Grief, in my opinion, is a journey with no destination. But, I remember the good memories and know that she's with me.
Us moms got to stick together. Build each other up and give each other strength to make it through. Mother's day is over, but make sure to keep each other going!


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