This Week's Menu!

This week's menu has a couple of days with no Hubby so that's when I get a day off! But, I do have some really good recipes planned!

Tonight- We are grilling hot dogs with my sister in law and brother in law.
Friday- Pepper Steak from South Your Mouth. This has been in the rotation a few times, but it is soooo good!
Saturday- Hot Pockets. Yes, we sometimes have Hot Pockets.
Sunday- Soup and sandwiches. Chicken and rice for Bubby, vegetable beef for me and Doodle.
Monday- Homemade Hamburger Helper from The Recipe Rebel. I used to use Hamburger Helper all the time when the girls were little. This sounds so much better!
Tuesday- Baked Chicken Taquitos from Two Peas and Their Pod
Wednesday- Leftovers!

What's on your menu this week? If you check out any of the recipes that I share and like them, or even if you hated them, let me know! I love feedback!


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