Our Jobs As Women

I want to pose a question to all the mamas and wives out there who read my little blog-do you build up each other or tear each other down? I have been mulling this over for a while now and have noticed the "great divide" between women- working moms to stay at home moms, formula moms to breastfeeding moms, organic moms to non-organic moms, meat eaters to vegans, the list goes on. What I don't think I will ever understand is the judgement and harshness from one side to the other. I have encountered this many times when I meet people and they ask me what I do. I respond, "I'm a housewife." Sometimes I get cheeky and say "Domestic engineer" because it sounds more grown up. But, inevitably, the response I get is, "Oh, you don't have a real job?" or something along those lines. I will never forget the time a woman whom I had known for quite a while, who had been a stay at home mom turned working mom, told me that I didn't have an identity because I was a stay at home mom. That was one of the harshest responses I have gotten. I very much do have an identity, it is just that part of that identity is taking care of my family. This concept behooved me. If I did work outside the house, as a nurse, cashier, whatever, wouldn't that be a part of my identity? Why is it a bad thing that I take care of my family as my job? Yes, there are women out there who do what I do and a full time job and I take my hat off to them! They are amazing! I honestly don't know how they do it. But, do I judge them or belittle them? No. That is their life and how they are living it. If it works for them and they are happy, I say more power to them! I take my job as the keeper of my home very seriously. I play many different roles, caregiver, chauffeur, chef, maid, laundress, zoo keeper, dog groomer, counselor, secretary, nurse, accountant, to name a few and I do this not only in my household but I help with my in laws household also.  And when I meet other women, I don't understand the ones that judge me for not working outside the home on top of all of that. Why can't we as a community of women stop judging each other and just build each other up? One of the sweetest responses I have gotten, I'll never forget it, was from the mom of a friend of Doodle's. She is a teacher and we had just met. She asked me what I do and I gave her the usual answer, waiting for the usual response. Her eyes got big and she said, "Oh, you get to take care of your family? That is wonderful!" I thought that was just a fabulous response. So, I guess at the end of this rant, I am sending out a call to arms to all women- be nice to each other and build each other up. Whatever your neighbor does, be happy for them. Don't judge them. I will stop ranting now.


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