Introducing Rigoni di Asiago!

**I received product in return for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own**

Are you ready to indulge? Without guilt? This is Rigoni di Asiago!
I have just learned of this wonderful company and am in love. For those of you who have been following this blog know, I am a sugar addict. I have a sweet tooth that doesn't quit. Chocoholics anonymous should be my support group. Imagine how surprised I was to try these natural organic products and have my sweet tooth satisfied! This company was started in the 1920's by Nonna Elisa and the company is headed by her grandchildren. They are produced outside Venice and are completely organic.
Let's start with Nocciolata. Nocciolata is an organic hazelnut spread with cocoa and milk. This can be a spread, can be used in recipes, you name it! (I ate it straight from the jar on a spoon. Just saying this is an option!) This isn't too thick, too thin, just right. And addictive! I love that you can pronounce every single ingredient on the list! On their website, they describe this as "almost a sin of gluttony"! And they are right. You feel like you are cheating by eating this because you think it has to be bad for you, but it isn't!
Next up is Fior di frutta. I got to try their organic Strawberry spread. This is made from strawberries and wild strawberries. This tastes so good! It tastes like biting into a fresh berry. It reminded me of homemade preserves. Just delicious. All that is in this is strawberries, wild strawberries, pectin, and apple juice. This is all organic, kosher, non-GMO and gluten free! This would be good on toast, in pies, cakes, you name it! Whatever you need sweet strawberry goodness in!
And then the biggest surprise of them all- Dolcedi! Like I said before, I am a die hard sugar addict. I am very leery of any alternatives to sugar. I think most of them make things taste funny and are very disappointing. When I was looking at this bottle, I was skeptical. This is a low glycemic sweetener made from organic apples. It is concentrated and filtered sugar extracted from organic apples. So, you would expect it to taste like apples, right? Nope! I first tried it on my finger and it tastes like sugar! I then heated up a cup of coffee, because I am also a die hard coffee person too. I have 2 cups a day with at least 2 spoons of sugar in it. This was the ultimate test. And it passed! It tasted just like it does in the morning with sugar! This has 25% fewer calories than table sugar, is highly soluble in hot or cold liquids, has a neutral flavor, and has a glycemic index value of 22.5 so it is suitable for a healthy lifestyle! You can use this for anything you would use sugar for. Drinks, baking, you name it!
Rigoni di Asiago has other products, fruit spreads and Italian honey. Make sure to check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also order them from Amazon or Jet!


  1. I like the sound of the Noccilata and the sweetener from apples sounds very interesting.

    1. Oh, you must try the Nocciolata and the sweetener is so good. Definitely check them out and let me know what you think! Thanks for coming by!


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