Have You Heard About Paperless Post?

**I was compensated for my 100% honest review of this website. All opinions are my own**

Have you ever sent an e-vite? An online card? Normally, I'm an old fashioned kinda gal and send regular cards in the mail. But, when Paperless Post contacted me, I was intrigued. They have all kinds of online invitations, greeting cards, even stationary! I was so impressed with their selection. And some fantastic designers, like Oscar de la Renta, Jonathan Adler, and Kate Spade to name a few! I had so much fun just going through and looking at the different cards. It was awful hard to choose! I have a couple celebrations coming up, so I chose to send a birthday card to my brother, who has a birthday this month, and a congratulations card to my niece, who is graduating next month! 
This is the birthday card that I chose for my brother. (He's older than me and I like to remind him of that!) The process of choosing the card was so easy. You simply click on the card of your choice, then it guides you through the personalization process. You get to change the font, the colors, the background, add your personal note on the back. Then you even get to choose the envelope, envelope liner, postmark, and stamp! I think this process is even more personal than sending a regular postal card! 
This is the one I chose for my niece. On the left, you see the different parts you get to personalize; front, back, front of envelope, liner and then you go to preview. As you can see in this pic, it says it starts at 3 coins. You can purchase coin packages to pay for your online purchases, starting at 20 coins for 6$. They do offer regular postal cards that you don't use coins for. But, did I forget to mention that they do offer free cards too? Yes! There are tons of free options on the site. 
One thing that I think is my favorite part of the whole process is that you can get your card ready, personalize it as you wish and then schedule it to be sent. So, let's say that your niece's birthday is next month. Set up her card now, schedule it for June 6, and they'll send it straight to her inbox on June 6 at the time you choose! You could set up a whole year's worth of cards right now! How easy is that? 
Next time you need invitations, birthday cards, congratulations cards, thank you cards, stationary or any kind of holiday cards, check out Paperless Post. They have everything!


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