Get Ready for National Iced Tea Day!

**I received product in exchange for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own**

Now, I am not health conscious. I should be. But, alas, I am not. But, I have started drinking more tea lately. Not really in a pursuit of health, but since all  I drink is water and coffee, I decided that I should drink other things. We have made a conscious effort to limit soda in the house and I really like herbal teas and how they have such great health benefits, in addition to tasting good. Tetley has come out with Super Herbal Teas! I got to try Raspberry and Blueberry Metabolism and Pineapple and Citrus Glow. These are fabulous! I always mix a little honey into my tea for sweetness, but I could even drink these without it. They are so good.
I also like their teabags! They use round ones without strings. I had never seen round tea bags before. I have seen them without strings though, which I like. The strings always bother me!
The Raspberry and Blueberry Metabolism is infused with vitamin B6 and contains hibiscus, apple and orange peel along with the berries. It makes such a refreshing blend. I think I'm going to try this as an iced tea soon. I also think this would be yummy with some mint in it. This tea helps support normal energy and metabolism.
The Pineapple and Citrus was also really good. I think this would make a great iced tea too! Very light and refreshing. This tea is infused with Vitamin B7 to promote normal skin and hair growth.
The Tetley line of Super Teas are fantastic. They have teas for Immunity, Metabolism, Focus and Glow. These are available in most grocery stores or you can find them on their website.
It just so happened that on Friday, I caught The Chew on ABC and they had a recipe for a Sweet Tea Sangria on there that I thought would be good to make with these teas in honor of National Iced Tea Day on June 10. This is an adult beverage with wine! But, I think it would be good to make for a party or cook out! You can find the original recipe on ABC's website for the Chew.

4 cups sweet tea
1 bottle of white wine (I think a moscato would do well in this one!)
2 cups strawberries (I would substitute berries that compliment the tea that you use )
2 cups peaches
1/2 bunch mint for garnish

Mix tea and white wine in large container and add fruit. Chill at least 2 hours. Serve garnished with mint.


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