Another Laundry Hack!

Maybe it's just a problem in my house.
But, I have finally found the key to getting either gasoline or kerosene smell out of clothes! Hunny is often getting these smells on his clothes while he works outside with all of his "toys". (Think lawn mower, four wheeler, etc.) The other day he had spilled kerosene on his shirt and even after normal laundering, you could smell the kerosene from a mile away. And the solution was simple! I took my handy dandy Spray and Wash and sprayed the front and back down. Then I laid the shirt across the top of the washing machine and sprinkled the whole thing with baking soda. I let the Spray and Wash soak up the baking soda and then I just put the shirt in the washing machine overnight. I laundered normally the next morning. No trace of the scent! Easy peasy!


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