Oh My Goodness! Keli's Sauces! (Giveaway)

**This is a sponsored post. I received the product free in return for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own**

Meet Keli's Hawaiian Sauces. I am so glad I have found these. They are phenomenal. Seriously.
I don't normally like sweet and sour because it is more sweet than sour in my opinion, but they have hit on such a great balance, I couldn't stop tasting it!
 I received four different flavors to try- Hawaiian Luau Teriyaki, Ginger Garlic Teriyaki, Pele's Fire Teriyaki and Polynesian Sweet and Sour. I have tried the sweet and sour and the Ginger Garlic so far. Both are nice and thick, which I really like. I don't like runny sauces. I want the sauce to stick. The Sweet and Sour has a hint of mustard in it, which brings out the sour and balances the sweet. This is great for dipping but they also recommend it as a glaze too, which I had never thought of!
The Ginger Garlic is fabulous! It's nice and thick like the Sweet and Sour and what I love is neither of the flavors overpower the other. I'm not a fan of ginger, but love garlic. But, with this sauce, it's such a great blend, I loved the ginger!
A little history on this company- they are a female owned and operated company that has been around since 1992. All of their sauces are US made and are naturally gluten free, vegan, nut free, MSG free, and lower in sodium than normal Teriyaki sauces on the market by 50%! So these sauces are good for everyone.
On their website TryKelis.com, you will find recipes, reviews and you can order their sauces! I wanted to share this one with you from one of their customers, Cheryl, which sounds absolutely fantastic!

Late Night Teriyaki Chicken Nachos


2 large chicken breasts
3 cups cheddar cheese
1 large bag tortilla chips
2 cups salsa
Sour cream
1/2 cup Keli's Hawaiian Ginger Garlic Teriyaki
1 avocado diced

Boil chicken until done. Shred chicken. Placed shredded chicken in large skillet and add the sauce. You may want to use more than this calls for. Let simmer for about 5 or 10 minutes till sauce is thick and the chicken soaks up the sauce. Place a layer of chips on a cookie sheet, layer with salsa and cheese, repeat layers. Place under broiler till cheese is melted and starts to bubble, about 5 minutes. Watch carefully! Top with sour cream and avocado!

You can order from their website. You can follow them on Facebook and find them on Twitter. Seriously, you have to try these sauces! And you can enter below to win one of these fantastic sauces! Giveaway starts today and ends 4/8/2017!
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  1. i think they will be awesome and i cant wait to win so i can try them :) thanks for the chance to win

  2. Omg yum! They sound delicious!


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