I Hate Gnats!

Explain to me why there are gnats. They are so annoying!
Since moving, our puppies have become outside puppies. They are actually loving it. They stay outside all day and come in at night. We have had no more skin problems, no hot spots, nothing! Well, the past couple of days have been very warm. Which means that the bugs are coming out. Now, I had already treated the puppies for fleas because I plan for that since we are pretty sure that Kojack is allergic to fleas. I went outside to check on them this morning because Kojack was barking at a cat and found clouds of gnats around their poor little heads. So many that little Bolty was pawing at his nose to get them away. So, of course, I Google natural safe ways to keep gnats from dogs. And Google didn't disappoint. I can tell you that this has been tried and within seconds the cloud went away! And the recipe is so simple too.

The basis for the spray is Witch Hazel. It is 10 parts witch hazel to about 100 drops of essential oils. I used lavender because that was what I had on hand. I simply mixed this in a spray bottle and sprayed the dogs' backs. Within seconds the bugs left them alone. I did see one recipe that called for jojoba oil in it too. Lavender is good for mosquitos and fleas too. There are other oils you can use though. Lemongrass, citronella, orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, rose geranium. You can also plant lavender and geraniums around your yard to keep these pests away too. I did find this fantastic website that has a whole list of what essential oil will keep what bugs away on The Hippy Homemaker. I didn't realize how powerful essential oils are!


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