Am I Horrible?

I was having a conversation with Doodle the other day I felt I had to share.
As you know, I have been becoming somewhat of an "empty nester". This is the first Easter that we are not dying Easter eggs and all that jazz because Bubby has decided he is too old. (He is almost 13, we did have to stop sometime!)
This led me to a realization. I am quite content with this fact that the Easter bunny days are over. Well, at least until grandkids, which hopefully won't be for a while. Don't get me wrong, I loved doing the Easter bunny for the kids. Ok, let me clarify. I loved seeing their faces in the morning when they saw the baskets and the fun they had when they were dying the eggs and the giggles as they found the eggs. But, I won't miss the half asleep, no coffee zombie walk hiding the eggs after staying up late to put the baskets together after they went to bed.  I won't miss cleaning up the dye that says it won't stain on the box, but they lie. I still have a spot on my kitchen table from many years ago. I won't miss the pestering when there is one more egg left to find and the kids have lost interest in the hunt. And of course, because I was half awake, I can't for the life of me remember where the heck I put that thing.
 This year, I'm putting the baskets together tonight, most of my cooking is being done ahead of time and I think it's going to be a laid back Easter. Plus, with my kids being teenagers, they'll sleep in until 10 at least!  But, the question is, does this make me a bad person that I won't miss all that? I think the biggest thing I do miss is the magic element. I love the wonder in their eyes as they try to figure out how this rabbit brought all this without them knowing. That is where the fun is. That is what made all the rest worth it. But, I'm still happy with a dye-free Easter!


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