To All Those Up North....

Let me start by saying I hope all of you are nice and warm in your homes and are staying safe.
Hubby just left this morning to travel to Pennsylvania, which is getting it just as bad as the rest of the North. But, can I just say, I have come to the conclusion that I really do like living in the South? Yesterday they were telling us that we were in for rain, snow and sleet. Which of course, means that the entire city would have been shut down. Imagine my surprise when we woke up this morning to nothing but rain! Bubby was only on a two hour delay and I think that was only a precaution since it was so cold. But, as Doodle and I were driving around today on our big Goodwill trip, I had a sudden realization that even though I say I like snow, I really don't. I like being snowed in for about a day, maybe two. After that, I get antsy and want to be able to get out. So, I was happy that the weathermen were wrong. I got a picture from my brother who is up in Binghamton and you can't see his front yard at all. It's a sea of white. Don't get me wrong, that's beautiful, but maybe it's my old age that is showing when I say, thank God it's not here. That may shut down Binghamton for about a day or two, but it would shut us down for two weeks and that would be the earliest that things got dug out around here. I just wanted to share that after 25 years of living in the South, I am officially revoking my Yankee status. (Even though I'm sure my father in law will never let me do that!) I like warm weather and not having snow. There I said it. Now to wait for the hate mail from everyone I know in the North to come in!


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