Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and stays safe.
I am neither Irish nor Catholic, but I find the history behind St Patrick interesting. He was kidnapped and forced into slavery. He worked as a shepherd and during that time found God. Legend has it that God told him to become the "Voice of Ireland". After returning, he became a priest and spread the gospel, converting the druids to Christianity. One story was that he drove the "snakes" out of Ireland, but this is just an allegory for the druids. And the legend behind shamrocks is that it is said St Patrick used the 3 leafed plant to explain the Holy Trinity to people.
The story behind wearing green has nothing to do with St Patrick, but the leprechauns. It is said that wearing green makes you invisible to the mischievous little guys and that if you're not wearing it, they will pinch you! And green wasn't associated with Ireland until the late 1600's. Before that, it was blue!
I'm sure there is more history than I'm putting here, but I found this so interesting! Especially about the shamrocks. I had no idea! So, make sure you wear green today so you don't get pinched! =)


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