Farmer's Pantry Review!

**This is a sponsored post. I received product in exchange for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own.**

I love snacks. Probably a little too much. I still shop like my parents are out of town sometimes. So, when I come across a snack that's not only good for me, but also helps others, double win!
Enter Farmer's Pantry. They start with ingredients sourced from family farms. They have two different kinds, crisps and meal snacks. Both use fresh ingredients to start and are seasoned and then cooked to perfection! I really liked the crisps. I was a little skeptical at first because I do not care for cornbread. Yes, I live in the South and do not like cornbread. (No, it's not a Northern thing because I know my Dad loved it!) But, these are really good! They taste almost like a cracker, not a chip. They are baked, not fried, so they are better for you! The crisps are available in original, (my favorite), honey, and jalapeno (Bubby's favorite). They are nice and crispy and would be great in dips.
The meal snacks are fantastic too and great for on the go! For the first time ever, they have meat and vegetables in one package ready to go! They start with ingredients from the farm, and slow roast them into a crunchy snack. These are available in flame grilled chicken, garden harvest chicken and herb roasted turkey, which is the one I tried. I really enjoyed it. It was literally a turkey meal in a bag! I think these would be good for college students, especially in care packages. Gotta keep them healthy, right?
What I think is absolutely fabulous about Farmer's Pantry is the fact that they give back and support our farming community. Farming is becoming an extinct profession. I come from a lot of farmers, especially dairy farmers. In 1935, there were 6.8 million farms. Today there are only 2 million. Besides using ingredients straight from the farm, which is keeping the farms in business, a portion of their proceeds are donated to organizations dedicated to helping our farmers, like Farm Aid, Farmland Trust, Veterans Farm, etc. Without our farmers, we would lose so much. We have to support them!
Go check out their website, find them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram!


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