Confetti Easter Eggs!

Alas, my little ones are all too big to dye Easter eggs this year. Bubby has decided he's too old. ::Sniff sniff::
But, I thought I'd share one of the Easter traditions that my stepmom introduced to us years ago. Confetti Easter eggs. I had never heard of doing this and the kids all loved it! It takes a little planning, but if you start now, you should have enough eggs to use Easter morning, depending on how much you use eggs.
What you do is every time you use eggs for cooking from now until Easter, instead of cracking them as you normally do, use a pin to poke a hole in both ends. You can use one end to blow on to get the egg to come out. Leave one end with a small hole and the other end you make a bigger hole, about big enough to fit the tip of your little finger. (This will be the hole you put the confetti in.) Rinse out the egg. I used to use an old egg carton to keep the eggs in until I had enough to work with. You can decorate the eggs before filling them; use dye, stickers, paint, whatever! Just make sure that the insides are all dry before putting anything in it.
Now, to assemble the confetti eggs. You will need:
1. Your eggs
2. White glue
3. Confetti or bird seed (I have seen some people do that.)
4. Tissue paper

Simply take a small amount of confetti or bird seed and place it in the egg via the larger hole. Glue a small piece of tissue paper to the bottom. Then Easter morning, have an egg fight! The kids loved this idea and would have a blast beaning each other with them every year. This is not an inside activity. I repeat, THIS IS NOT AN INSIDE ACTIVITY. This will be messy. Very messy. I can not be held responsible if you do this inside.


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