Another Great Spring Cleaning Helper!

Are you ready to get your house in top condition this spring? This is the secret weapon you need!
This planner is fabulous! It helps you get completely organized and write out a plan for everything, from daily to weekly to monthly goals for your whole house! And for a limited time, it's free! When you download it, you will have the chance to purchase other downloadables and products from Living Well Spending Less, but it's not mandatory. The planner is totally free. It's a downloadable PDF file and you can print it at home. There are charts for daily, weekly and monthly chores, and a calendar to put in what you want done each day. There's even recipes for healthier homemade cleaning products! Go here to download it now!
They also have a fun little quiz you can take to find out your cleaning personality! Jump on over here and discover yours! According to it, I'm a Clean Colleen! Come back and let me know in the comments what your personality is! And definitely check out Living Well Spending Less. They have a lot of tools and tips that will help with all your cleaning obstacles!


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