Very Cute Handmade Valentines!

Isn't this an adorable idea for a Valentine's present? I found it over at Thirtyhandmadedays. It's so simple and would cost probably less than 5$ so perfect if you're on a budget! You can check out the instructions on their website. Your supplies would be a small bit of fabric, embroidery thread, an embroidery needle, and a picture frame. My husband did this at our favorite campsite a few years back. I thought it was so sweet! A little corny, but I loved it.
This is also an adorable idea! From VisualHeart, you'll find the instructions on how to do this easy idea. There's a printable for the 52 things that you mod podge onto the cards.
I thought this was adorable! It's so simple! A mason jar filled with vegetable oil and you place a black and white picture of you and your honey in it. The oil will preserve it! You can also add some dried lavender to it to make it smell lovely! Check it out on Shannon Eileen Blog
Now this idea you can do two ways, I think. On Tiny Painter Blog they did a memory jar, where you fill up a big mason jar with different memories of your relationship. Or you can do what I did one year for my husband where I filled a box with little notes of what I loved about him.
I thought this would be good for those gardeners out there! Grow Creative Blog had this idea where you collect rocks, clean them, draw different colored hearts on them and seal it with Mod Podge!

These are just a few DIY ideas. What are you planning on doing for your honey this year?


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