Believe In Yourself!

This is one charity I can really get behind! I'm so excited for this one!
Believe In Yourself was founded by Sam Sisakhti, the founder of UsTrendy, the largest independent fashion website in the world. He became concerned with the amount of cyber bullying and body shaming that runs rampant in middle and high schools. We've all seen it. It was around when I was in school. The pressure on girls is astronomical. They have the perception that they have to look prettier and "hotter" than the next girl instead of just being comfortable in their own skin and loving themselves. And it doesn't help that the prices of the latest fashions are off the charts either. It's absolutely ridiculous.

Enter the Believe In Yourself project. They are promoting positive body images through speakers and mentors, but also they are collecting dresses to distribute to underprivileged girls for big dances. All of us women know the power of "just the right dress". You put it on and your head lifts a little higher, you strut a little more. The Believe In Yourself project believes that every girl deserves this. They want to empower our girls with good self esteem and confidence in themselves. Which what mother couldn't get behind that?

So, please, go check out their website, find out more and spread the word! They want to get into every state and help every girl they can! This is a relatively new organization, just founded in 2016, so let's get their name out there. If you are a designer or a retailer, you can donate new, unworn dresses. If you want to help the cause, you can donate straight to the cause or they are looking for community leaders and other men and women to speak to our young women. All the information is on their website. Let's get this going!!


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