20 Crock Pot Meals at Aldi!

**This is not a sponsored post. Lauren Greutman has no idea who I am. I thought this was worthy to pass on to my readers to help their cooking!**

I am a huge fan of the crock pot, especially when the weather gets warm. So, when my best friend, Lindsey, told me about the experiment she was doing, I was interested. A friend of hers had told her about a book called 20 Slow Cooker Dump Meals and she went to Aldi and got all the ingredients. You then prepare all the meals at once, placing them in the big ziploc freezer bags and freeze them. When you are ready to cook them, you follow the instructions in the book, usually placing the thawed meal in the crock pot that morning and adding sides. Lindsey is a wife, a mom of 8, and her husband and her own their own store, so she's incredibly busy. She said this has been a lifesaver. I read through most of the recipes and although there are a few that my family wouldn't eat, most were perfect for us. She has tried some of them now and she reported to me yesterday that all the recipes have been a hit! We have an Aldi near us now and I am definitely going to be trying this. You can find the books on Lauren Greutman's website. Lauren Greutman is from Iamthatlady.com and has tons of stuff about budgeting and frugal living. The books are extremely inexpensive, only 4.97 right now! The books come with printable shopping lists, pantry list, preparation instructions, calendar and recipe cards. Think about it, you could stock your freezer full for the month! Your life would be so much easier! Definitely check these out!


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