As I am writing this, our area has been put under a winter storm warning. The only thing that I'm sad about is that Hunny is in Massachusetts and is missing it. He wants to play with his new tractor in the snow!
 Being a transplanted southerner, I still giggle at the fact that the south shuts down for flurries. Now, this storm is supposed to bring up to 6 inches here, but I still find all of it funny. I remember when the girls were in elementary school, they actually cancelled school on the threat of snow. And a flake had not fallen at all. I understand being careful and liabilities and all, but it still is comical. I saw someone post on Facebook a comic from somewhere up in northern VA that had motorists all freaking out and pointing at one snowflake. And that's not far from the truth. When we first moved down here, I was used to going to school even when it snowed. It took a lot of snow to cancel in New York. But, people know how to drive in it and how to react to snow up there. I thought this was universal but was wrong. The first time school was cancelled was for a couple inches of snow. My mom just sat there shaking her head.
 So, here I wait for the snowflakes to come and the city to shut down. It's ok, I already stocked up on coffee and food. Bring it on.


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