How To Keep Your Blankets Soft and Cozy!

Here in my part of Virginia, we are looking at the first winter weather this weekend. It's still too early to tell they say, but we may be getting snow. In preparation for that, I thought some tips to keeping all your blankets soft and ready to snuggle might come in handy! Because what else is better than snuggling up on the couch with your honey wrapped in blankets and watching movies on a snow day?

Tip 1: Read the labels! Different fabrics require different care. So first, read the label to see if your blanket is hand wash or machine wash.

Tip 2: Washing by hand- use a fabric appropriate detergent, work up sudsy lukewarm to warm water, and gently press through the blanket. Rinse in lukewarm water.

Tip 3: Machine washing- Simply wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Of course, refer to tip 1 and if the label says otherwise, i.e. warm water, always listen to the label!

Tip 4: The secret to the softest blankets is fabric softener. Nowadays, fabric softener not only softens your blankets and protects from static, but it helps protect your fabric from damage too! And if you have the Downy ball, you don't have to clean your dispenser or wait for the rinse cycle. It releases it on it's own!

Tip 5: If you machine dry, use the lowest heat settings possible. Some fabric softeners will protect from fading too. If machine drying isn't an option, hang dry.

I also like to use the products like the scent boosters on sheets and blankets so that they have extra scent that lasts. Of course, the preferred way to dry for me is to hang them out in the sunshine, which has the best smell! But, this time of year it's a little hard to do that. Now, go get those blankets ready for snuggling!


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