Hardwood Floor Care!

In our new home, we only have 2 rooms with carpeting. I'm extremely happy with that.
I would love to get rid of that carpeting! I don't mind rugs, but I hate carpeting. I feel that no matter how often you vacuum, there's still dirt and dust hiding. The stairs and the upstairs all have hardwood floors, which I have never had to take care of before. My kitchen has regular linoleum, so I'm skilled at that! But, I thought I would go over some tips to taking care of hardwood floors that I have come across in my research.

1.  Be aware of shoes. You do not want anyone walking on your floors in cleats or damaged high heels. This will definitely scratch them. We've actually gone to a no shoes rule in our house.

2. Be careful of what cleaners you use on them. Do not use any oil based cleaners and don't use cleaners for vinyl or tile. There are very good hardwood floor specific cleaners out there. I know Bona is a good one.

3. DO NOT MOP! Do not use water or steam on your hardwoods. It can damage the wood and dull the finish.

4. Keep throw rugs at doorways to catch dirt and debris as it comes in.

5. Put felt protectors on the legs of furniture to protect. These are relatively inexpensive and you can find them anywhere. I even put some on the bottom of my ceramic pig!

6. If you use a vacuum instead of sweeping, make sure you are on the bare floor setting or turn off your roller brush. And if you sweep, do not use a straw broom. Those can scratch your surface.

I generally sweep every day to every other day with one of those microfiber dust mops. It tends to pick up the dust better than just a regular broom. And take a lesson from my sister in law who passed this on to me. Don't use Pledge. She made that mistake when she first moved in her house. Lesson well learned! Let me know if you have any other tips!


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