Cookbooks-A Rant

As a stay at home wife and mom, I cook. I cook pretty well, much better than I did when we were first married, but I'm no gourmet chef by any means.
I love to get cookbooks and check out some new recipes to add to my repertoire. I check the internet too, but there's something about cookbooks that I love. But, what makes me angry is when I pick out cookbooks because the title and description say that it's easy meals for busy cooks kind of thing and then I read the recipes and they aren't anything normal people would eat! I understand that yes, sometimes you want to try new and different ingredients and exotic recipes. And I think that cookbooks should include some recipes like that. But, when every single recipe is so complicated and includes ingredients that aren't in regular kitchens, (who has truffle oil in their pantry on a regular basis?) it angers me. I just want to find a cookbook that has recipes in it for the every day cook. Pioneer Woman used to be like that, but she's gotten away from that in my opinion. Is this just me? Or is anyone else out there looking for this? I had just gotten a cookbook from the library from a celebrity that was "easy recipes for busy cooks". Nope. Even the fried egg sandwich recipe was complicated. How can you make a fried egg sandwich complicated? I mean come on people. Do any of you have suggestions? Cookbooks for real people? Not people with chefs and gourmet cooks? Here endeth the rant.


  1. I have the same issue. The Amazon reviews for "One Pound Meals" sound like this book doesn't have the same issues.

    Haven't read it yet though.


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