Cleaning Tips!

Since we have moved, I have made a promise that I would make a conscious effort to have a stricter cleaning schedule.
We had lived in our other house so long, I didn't really have a "schedule" per se, I just cleaned what looked dirty. When we moved though, it became apparent to me that this was not a good way to clean. Dirt likes to hide in places that we don't even think of looking. And cobwebs. I hate cobwebs. I have found a couple things around the interweb that help me stay on schedule. I think I've covered some of these before, but it never hurts to revisit old goodies.

1. FlyLady- This is a great one for the ones just starting out with deep down cleaning. You get reminders, set at your pace and schedule. FlyLady will break it down into zones and small chores so that the job doesn't seem so intimidating. I really like the little chores that they come up with, like cleaning the light switch covers. Who thinks of that?

2. The Organized Housewife- She is based out of Australia, but isn't cleaning universal? She isn't as intense as the FlyLady, but I really like her writing style. You will get one email a day reminding you to do one chore. But, her blog shows you different ways to get organized.

3. Motivated Moms- They have printables and an app. This one I haven't tried yet, but I have read many rave reviews!

4. There is always the tried and true make your own schedule. Make each day of the week a different room or rooms in the house to clean. Deep clean. Make sure to include laundry days, bedding laundry days, I've even seen scheduling baking into it! I have certain things I do every day, like sweep, make beds, clean the doggy/laundry room, scoop kitty box, wipe down all bathrooms, etc. Then I do laundry every other to every third day and wash sheets once a week. Then you have your monthly chores, pull couches out, sweep under beds, wash windows, etc. Then your bimonthly to seasonal chores.

Let me know what keeps you on track! I am always looking for new ways to keep me motivated!


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