I'm Back!

Here's our new living room!
We put up the tree today, but haven't decorated it yet. That's tomorrow. We are slowly getting back to normal. We are all moved and have my in laws about 1/2 to 3/4 moved. The guys all got their heavy stuff moved and now all that's left is little things. It was a long, exhausting week, to say the least. But, the house is so wonderful. I am so in love with it. Hubby laughed at me because I told him that my favorite part out of the entire house is the bathtub in our master bath. The house was built in the sixties and has the huge bathtubs. I can literally lie down in it! The unpacking is going slowly. But, considering that I told Hubby we are never moving again, I have plenty of time.
I'll be back to posting normally again now. I have a lot of Christmas posts to catch up on and some reviews coming too! Stay tuned!


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