Back To Normal!

Even though we were late getting the decorations up this year due to the move, I was still ready to take them down by the day after Christmas!
My children were not happy with me. OK, actually it was only Doodle. Bubby didn't care one way or another. Actually, I think he was ok with it since the tree was in front of the recliner and when I took it down, it made his view of the TV better!
I was very excited about storing the decorations this year because in this house, it's a split level and under the stairs going downstairs, there's a little room under the stairs that is perfect for all the decorations! They are now tucked away for next year. The living room is now clean and dusted and I feel better!
I looked up the traditions of when to take down your decorations and there are a few! Some people believe that if you leave your decorations up after the new year, you will get bad luck. Others believe you should leave your decorations up until January 5 or 6, commemorating the Epiphany which is when it's believed the Magi came to visit baby Jesus. My best friend and her husband recognize this tradition. And I even found a tradition dating back to the 1500's that stated that Christians would leave their decorations up until February 2 to commemorate Candlemas. I had to look that one up since I had never heard of it. Candlemas is another Christian holiday that signifies 3 occasions in 1- the presentation of the child Jesus, Jesus' first entry into the temple and the celebration of the Virgin Mary's purification.
So I guess, it doesn't really matter when you take them down. I figure as long as I don't leave my Christmas lights up all year long, I'm ok!


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