Do You Go Black Friday Shopping?

To go Black Friday shopping or not, that is the question. In years past, it has been a fun tradition with me and my sister in law to get up before dawn, stop at Sheetz for coffee and a donut and hit the sales. When we first started it was thrilling because all the stores still waited until Black Friday to start their sales. We would see fist fights, get into arguments with people, you name it. I once got told "Go to hell" by a lady who hit me with her cart. She hit me and I thought it was my fault because I wasn't paying attention so I said, "Excuse me" and she glared at me and said "Go to hell." I couldn't help myself; I just stood there and giggled.

 But, in recent years, all of them have been creeping more and more into Thanksgiving day, which I find awful. Thanksgiving is a time for people to be with their families, stuffing their faces and watching football. But, of course, commercialism does not see that. So, that meant that by the time we got up and going, most of the craziness is over. Which is good in a way because we can take our time without the pushing and shoving and crazy lines.

The thing that has me questioning going this year is that for about the last 2-3 years, I haven't really found anything worth going for. I've noticed that if you are not buying electronics or toys, Black Friday really isn't for you. Plus, with the added point of you can buy everything online that's in the stores, what's the point of getting up and busting your butt?

I hate to say it, but I think unless I see something absolutely extraordinary on my beloved, I think I'm going to sleep in and shop online. (By the way make sure to check  out because some stores have already posted their ads. I am just a huge fan of their site.)

What about you? Are you going to brave the lines and people to get the best deals out there or are you going to go the lazy route like I think I am?

(I am in no way affiliated with BFAds. I have just followed their website for years and find it the best one for keeping track of the deals on Black Friday)


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