Deviled Eggs Recipe!

With all the moving craziness, I actually almost forgot that we have to plan for Thanksgiving! And we have so much to be thankful for!
I haven't sat down with my sister in law yet to plan the menu. Usually I do the turkey, but seeing as my kitchen is going to be packed up, I think I'm going to get her to do it this year. Our usual menu is something like this--

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy (Yuck. Yes, I hate gravy), green beans, broccoli casserole, a potato casserole my mother in law's sister makes that's to die for, deviled eggs, stuffing, rolls and usually for dessert I do at least 2 pies. What's Thanksgiving without pie?

But, let's focus on the deviled eggs. Now, I have to share a story before I give you the recipe. The first Thanksgiving I spent with my husband's family, they asked me to bring deviled eggs. I was only 19 at the time and had NO experience cooking. NONE. Zero. So, this being before the age of internet, went to my mom's Better Homes and Garden cookbook and went by the recipe, without tasting or anything like you should as you cook. I show up with my eggs, all proud with my platter.
Fast forward ten years. I find out that no one liked the eggs. I had made them too dry, didn't put in any pickle and they were horrible. To spare my feelings. they concocted a way to get me out of the house so that my mother in law could make a whole new batch without me knowing. When I found this out, I swore I would never make them ever again.
Fast forward about 3 or 4 years. I decide to make them just for the heck of it for a special dinner here at home. Hubby says they are the best he's tasted. I have been making them for every major holiday since.

I still go by the recipe from Better Homes and Gardens, but I taste as I go to make sure they are ok. I don't measure though. I just throw in the ingredients, small amounts at a time, until it looks and tastes right. Look at me being all chef like!

Deviled Eggs

12 hard boiled eggs
Salt and Pepper
Dill pickle relish (Or you can use the dill pickle salad cubes)

Cut eggs in half and take out yolks. Put yolks in seperate bowl. Place whites on platter, cut side up. With a fork, mash the yolks completely. You don't want any big chunks. Start with about a tablespoon each of mayo and pickle and a teaspoon of mustard. We like more mayo than mustard in ours. Mix and taste. Add salt and pepper. Keep adding small amounts of mayo, mustard and pickle until you reach the consistency that you like. Not too runny, but not too dry.
Then you can either pipe the filling into the eggs with a decorator bag, or do what I do and scoop by the teaspoonful into the holes of the whites. Sprinkle with paprika for color.


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