Black Friday Sales!

In years past, I have kept you guys up to date on the sales and when the ads were leaked. I realized I have failed this year.
I did get some quick glances at some ads, like Kohls and didn't see much that I'm missing. There are a couple things that I may get online though. Now, if you go over to my favorite Black Friday website,, you can peruse all the scans. And they have all been released. Target, Kohls, Kmart, Walmart, Toysrus, you name it. Plus you can save your shopping list on there too which I have always found handy.

 I did see at Kohls that they are going to have the down alternative comforters that are reversible for 19.99 which I think I'm going to get for me and Hubby's bed and Bubby too. Doodle already has one and loves it. Now, Kohls is more for the kitchen and clothing sales. Not really the toys. I saw a lot of good prices on clothing for all sizes. Kohls opens at 6 pm Thanksgiving.

Target has a lot of electronics on sale, especially the early bird specials. Also they have toys buy one get one 50% off. And some doorbuster deals  like Nerf guns for 9.99. Other than that, I'm so far out of the loop on what the hot toys are! All I get told about is video games. I do know that Call of Duty is big this year, thanks to my 12 year old! Target opens at 6 pm Thanksgiving.

ToysRUs is opening at 5 pm Thanksgiving. I saw that they have a lot of toys 50% off. And you can start shopping online 9 pm Wednesday!

Wally World opens at 6 pm Thanksgiving. (Why do we even call it Black FRIDAY anymore?) And online sales go all day Thanksgiving! And speaking of Call of Duty, they have the Legacy Edition which is normally 79.99 for 57$. You get 2 games for the price of Infinite Warfare by itself! And I saw at Target, ToysRUs and Walmart, hoverboards for under 300$. ToysRUs was actually under 200$. No, my kids are not getting a hoverboard. That has already come up. But I know they are a wanted item this year!

So, whether you are braving the crowds or being a bum and shopping from the couch, I think there is a few things that are worth it this year! And don't forget Cyber Monday. There's always tons that day too. But, please remember the little mom and pop stores on Saturday. It's the little businesses that I think you can find the most interesting gifts at and you will be helping a family, instead of a big corporation!


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