Sharpie Wants To Help Wrap Presents This Year!

**I received product in exchange for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own**

How much time do we, as mothers, spend finding all the right presents for everyone on our lists? And the lists seem to get longer each year.
And after all that time and thought, shouldn't you wrap those presents in something special? Sharpie wants to help! Their Extreme line is perfect for making your own wrapping paper or even gift tags! Excuse my artwork, but this was what I came up with for Doodle's birthday today. They don't smear while you're working with them. And they are good for writing on most any surface, plastic, wood, glass, you name it. You can personalize each gift, or just personalize the gift tag. This was so much fun to do.

They come in colors and just black with a fine tip. Available just about everywhere, Target, Walmart, Staples. Check them out at Have fun and use your imagination! 


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