Make Tech Her Story!

As you know, I have three children, two of them girls. I was approached by The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) to help them with their campaign to bring girls to careers in the technology sector. Did you know more than 5.1 million people work in technology but only 25% of them are girls? So, CompTIA are launching a campaign to bring awareness to this and help encourage girls to take interest in this. Part of the campaign is Rosie The Riveter! Remember her from the 40's campaigns to encourage women to join the workforce while the men were at war? They want to have her encourage girls to become interested in technology.

CompTIA has determined five leading factors that discourages girls from joining the tech force-
--Parents not playing a key role in introducing technology to girls as much as boys.
--The older girls are, the less interested in technology they are, so we need to start early.
--Tech classes are not enough.
--Girls lack awareness of technology employment opportunities
--We need more role models in the tech industry for them!

You can check out their press release here. watch the campaign video here, and make your own Rosie The Riveter here! I think this is a great campaign. We need to encourage our girls to go into all industries!


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