Happy Halloween!!!

Are all your little ghosts and ghouls ready for this evening? I know Bubby is. He can't wait. We are going trick or treating with his aunt and cousin. And Hunny will be home in time to go too!
A post on Instagram got me remembering Halloweens past. My mother was never crazy about Halloween. She let us celebrate it because she felt it was a part of childhood, but never really liked it. What she did like however, was Reese's peanut butter cups. So, when she was going through my candy and checking it for needles and such, surprisingly, all the Reese's would have something wrong with them. And I do mean all the Reese's. It took me a couple years when I was little to figure out what she was up to. But, the joke was on her because I don't like Reese's. All she had to do was ask for them! (Much to the shock of my sister in law that I don't like peanut butter cups. She still can't get over that!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful time tonight and be safe!


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