E-Cloth Deep Cleaning Mop Review!

**I received this free in exchange for my 100% honest review. All opinions are my own.**

I was a little skeptical when I was approached by E-Cloth, I must say. Deep cleaning with only water? How?
We all want to live in a cleaner environment. I know I would like to use less chemicals in the house. And this mop may just have changed my perspective! The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop comes with a lightweight aluminum telescopic handle, the mop base and the mop head. All you do is run the mop head under water, wring it out and then velcro the mop head to the base. When the mop head gets too dry or too dirty, just pull it off, rinse out and keep going! And it really works well! I was impressed.

The way they work is they have 1.6 million fibers per square inch. With this fiber technology and water, they break up and hold grease, grime and bacteria. And it's safe for all hard surfaces, including wood and marble! And caring for the mop head is easy! They can be washed in plain hot water or you can get a full clean by even boiling the mop head! You just can't use fabric softener or bleach on the mop head. Just a small amount of detergent.

This is a high quality mop. It deep cleaned my kitchen floor in no time. I loved the telescopic handle, no stooping! And think about the money saved with only using water! The mop head is guaranteed up to 300 washes! Make sure to check them out on their website, make sure to sign up for their newsletter! They only send out emails a couple times a month, you can opt out anytime and they NEVER sell your email address!

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