Boy, Are We Having Fun!

In our journey to try to get to a new house, we have had many, many setbacks. This is not a road for the timid.
Not only did we get the runaround on the first house we put an offer on, we just found out yesterday that the buyer for our house pulled his offer. So, now we have a house that we want, the loan that we want, but still have the house we are trying to get out of with no buyer. Talk about a pickle. I have said a few times now that if I survive this ordeal, it's gonna be a miracle. Thankfully, our realtor who was working with us on the offer on the other house, came over last night and came up with a plan to get our current house on the market and feels confident that it will sell quickly. So, now we have a sign in the yard and our fingers crossed.
Oh, and yes, the packing continues. How in the world did we get so much stuff? It is amazing what you find though. I've been finding all kinds of pictures that I had forgotten about. If you follow me on Instagram, @mrsbuzz8196, you'll have seen some. I found one of my parents at their 25th anniversary party. And baby pictures! How I love those! I was cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen the other day and even found a bottle top from when Bubby was a baby. We have had many memories in this house. But, I really feel it's time for the next chapter. I will update as we continue this bumpy, bumpy journey! Wish us luck!


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