Let Them Eat Wheat!

I was very  lucky to receive this interesting book in advance. Dr Douillard's approach is so incredibly innovative! I was shocked at the ideas but it really makes sense!
His approach is to build your digestive system back up to a strong system and that will make it where you can digest anything. That with all of the over processed foods that we have been eating, and also getting away from eating with the seasons has destroyed our digestion. Not to mention antibiotics and chemicals!
Remember, our ancestors didn't have supermarkets and couldn't eat out of season foods. So, in the springtime and summer, you would eat more vegetables, fruits and greens. The heavier foods and grains were saved for fall and winter, after harvest time. We didn't eat bread every day, with every meal.
I plan on trying this regimen that he has outlined in his book with Doodle. When she was younger, she had ear infection after ear infection. Back then, doctors told you the only way to cure them was antibiotics. Then when she was older, she got strep over and over until we finally had to get her tonsils out. More antibiotics. Then in high school, she went through a very stressful time and her stomach began giving her lots of problems. She was diagnosed with IBS, but I believe her digestive system was demolished by all the antibiotics she had to have. I have been boosting her with probiotics, but after reading this book, I believe this diet will help her.
If you have ever had any issues with gluten or dairy, you must read this book. It will absolutely blow your mind and change the way you look at food!


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