It's September!!!

I can not believe it's September already! Can you? I absolutely adore Fall and Winter. I am not a hot weather person at all. Call it my "Yankee-ness" coming through. Today was so nice that I got to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows. The kitty is in heaven. What do you love about colder weather? Or are you a summer time kinda person?
I love watching the leaves change, especially here in Virginia. They were beautiful in New York, don't get me wrong, but there is something about driving through the mountains down here that is just lovely. The oranges, yellows and reds are so vibrant. My favorite thing is the nights that are chilly, but not cold enough to turn the heat on so we all bundle up in warm jammies and fluffy socks to watch TV at night. And to change out the summer quilt for the winter comforter. The first night when you get to snuggle under it. Just pure heaven to me.

The scents of fall are always wonderful. The leaves on the ground, the crisp scent in the air, apples! Cinnamon! It just brings such comfort to me. There's just something so warm and inviting about the atmosphere when the weather starts to turn. My thoughts turn to home and comfortable things. Snuggling up and watching football!

Then my thoughts always turn to the holidays. Planning Thanksgiving dinner and starting Christmas shopping. Of course, in our house, our tradition is to put the Christmas tree up as early as humanly possible. My oldest brother was born December 7. So, when I was a kid, we were never allowed to do anything Christmas like until after that day. It drove me crazy! I understand why my mother did it now, but back then, I wished my brother had been born any other time of the year! So, when I got married, I always said the tree and decorations would go up right after Thanksgiving. Some years it's been before Thanksgiving. I can't help it, I get excited. My mom was a Christmas nut too. After my brother's birthday, she would always go nuts decorating and baking. It was the only time of year I remember her baking. She always made Christmas lovely.

Enjoy the seasons changing and let me know what traditions do you look forward to with the cooler weather!


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