How to Preserve Your Jack O' Lantern!

It's that time of year!! A couple of weeks ago I saw the big farm truck dropping off pumpkins at Walmart. And the fruit stand down the road from us has the whole front of it covered in pumpkins. Doodle is in full pumpkin spice latte mode. It's pumpkin season! But, how to make your jack o' lantern last? Without it sagging and attracting fruit flies? (I hate fruit flies. With a passion. They are so hard to get rid of.)
The solution is simple. My best friend did this a few years ago and said that hers lasted a month! With no mold or fruit flies! Simply take a gallon size bucket and fill it up with water. Make sure your bucket is big enough to hold the gallon of water and pumpkin together. Then add 1-2 tablespoons of bleach and mix. Then add your pumpkin. Let the pumpkin soak for at least 8 hours. It needs to soak up that bleach. After the 8 hours, remove and let dry. Voila! It stays hydrated and the bleach keeps the mold away! Happy Fall!


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