When you wash your towels, how do you wash them? Do you wash them in hot or cold water? Do you use fabric softener? Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to wash towels?
I used to wash my towels in fabric softener every time I washed them. Then come to find out, you are not supposed to do that! Fabric softener can actually make your towels less absorbent! I had no idea. Now, when I hang clothes out, which is almost every time I do laundry now, I still put some fabric softener in the load because I can't stand the scratchiness of a towel that's been on the line with out it. But, there is a way to bring your towels back to their original absorbency! Never fear!

First, make sure to wash your towels in either warm or hot water. Hot is better. This will help kill off any bacteria and germs that may be lurking. Then, in addition to your detergent, add 1 cup of vinegar to the load. No, there won't be any vinegary smell. I swear. This will help strip any softener that is still on the towels and keep them soft. If you do wash your towels with softener, do this about every third wash or so to make sure you don't get any build up.


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