Today Is The Last Day! Run To Kroger!

So, after only a week and a half, I had to go grocery shopping. It was getting to be slim pickings around here. But, I was pleasantly surprised at Kroger! They are having a Mega Event with the Buy 5 Save 5$ and a 10 for 10$ sale. They have Nestle Splash 6 packs for .99, which I had a 1$ off coupon on one so I got 3 packs for 2$, they have Pepperidge Farm Goldfish bags for .99, General Mills cereals for 1.29 a box, I got Trix and Lucky Charms, plus others. I also had a bunch of coupons from where Kroger sends them to me in the mail and all in all I saved over 60$! I got over 200$ worth for 135$! And that's with my ecoupons too. But, hurry, I didn't know this was the last day of the sale!


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