Great Haul at Kohl's!

So, I wasn't going to start school shopping until tomorrow, but Izzie has to work tomorrow, so we ended going today with Izzie and Bubby.
Doodle had gone with her friends early this morning to the lake, so I'll still go tomorrow. We always start at Kohl's, mostly because we have a charge card there, but I really do like their clearance. I think today's haul was one of my best though. I had a 10$ off coupon from an email I got from Kohl's, got a 15% off coupon since I used my charge card and they are doing the 10$ Kohl's cash for every 50$ spent all weekend. I got 3 pairs of jeans for Bubby, 2 tshirts, 2 pairs of Batman socks, a pack of undies, 3 sports bras for the girls that were on clearance for under 4$, a regular bra for Izzie, 2 pairs of undies, a pair of jeans for Izzie, a shirt I found for Hubby on clearance for 2.50, a set of earrings for me, and 2 pairs of tights that were on clearance for 1.50. Altogether I spent 118$ but saved 233$! And I got 20$ in Kohl's cash that starts August 15 that will be for me! And I get to go back tomorrow since I still have to take Doodle! So that means more Kohl's cash! Yay! All tax free too. I will share my haul tomorrow with the savings. Tomorrow will be Kohl's and Walmart. I don't know if we are going to try Target or not. I wasn't thrilled with their sales this weekend. Let me know what you score this weekend!


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