First Day of 7th Grade!

Look at this grown up boy! Today is the first day of school for him.
If you can't see, his backpack is Fallout. If you don't know what that is, it's a video game that him and Izzie like. Then you got the Joker shirt. Him and his daddy are Batman fanatics. They loved Suicide Squad. He was so excited, but was trying to not show it since he's 12. And he got to go back on the bus this year because the evil bus driver retired finally. We were very happy about that.

The girls don't start until August 25. Doodle gets to do a bunch of college stuff starting this week though since they are starting the freshman activities and she gets to do an overnight thing with her honors program. She is beside herself with excitement. She can't wait to start. We ordered her books last week. (To learn how to save, check out this post about renting books!)

Hunny has to leave again for work this week so soon it'll just be me and the dogs! Let the cleaning begin!


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