Check Your Kroger Coupons!--UPDATE

Update--Just got home from my Kroger and I was so tickled! The prices are incredible! I always punch in my Kroger number and before the cashier hit total to start the coupons going, my total was over 180$! When he hit total, after a minute or so, the total was just over 130$! I saved almost 50$! And most of that was the Kroger sales. I only used 2$ of manufacturers coupons. This is definitely a sale you gotta hit!

Last night, I was going through my online Kroger coupons to prepare for grocery shopping today and there was a free coupon! For 1 Mars Candy Bar! This isn't their Friday freebie, just an extra freebie! This week is also a Kroger Mega Event. It's the Buy 5 save 5$. When you combine that with the coupons that you have, you can save some serious money! I saw General Mills cereals are in the sale for 2.99 but if you buy 5 of the participating items, they are 1.99! That's a stock up price! And on top of the Buy 5 Save 5$, they also have the 10 for 10$ sale. Both of these sales are mix and match so you don't have to buy 5 of one item or 10 of one item. It's any of the participating items. They have the canisters of Kool Aid and Country Time drink mixes in the 10 for 10$. So, get your coupons together and your grocery list ready! This is a great sale going on!


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