Back To School!

This weekend is the tax free weekend here in Virginia, so that means our back to school shopping will be this weekend!
It's going to be strange because with both girls in college and only needing notebooks and pens, I'll only be shopping for one kid! Do you stock up for the rest of the year at this time? I try to. They always have such great deals on paper and notebooks that I buy way more than we need. Then when they run out later on, and wait until right before we leave for school to say, "Oh, Mom, I need pencils, paper, etc." I can just grab it from the stockpile. Here's what I usually stockpile and some of them I have found sales this weekend. I've listed those too!

1. Paper-- You can never have too many packs of paper. Walmart will have packs of the college ruled paper for .82 this weekend which seems to be the best price I've found.

2. Pencils--  Boy, do they go through these like wildfire! I get both the mechanical and the regular. The girls like the mechanical better. Walmart and Target are comparable. Walmart has the regular for .97 and Target .99. The mechanical Walmart has the 12 pack for 1.46 and Target has the 8 count for .99!

3. Notebooks-- Both composition and spiral. Walmart seems to be the best on these with spiral at .17 and the composition is .50!

4. Index cards-- Now these I couldn't find in the sales flyers but they are usually .50 or so. I know when the kids are in middle and high school, they use these a lot. Can't have too many of these!

5. Pens-- Both black or blue and red. Some teachers require red pens. Walmart has the best price on these too! 10 count for .97

6. And glue sticks--Every class requires glue sticks it seems. Walmart has one count Elmers glue sticks for .25, or Target has the 6 count for .99!

These are the basics that I stock up on every year. And with the tax free holiday, you save even more. What do you stock up on? Let me know!


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