Waffle Iron!

I saw on Pioneer Woman a while back an episode about all the ways that you can use a waffle iron. I had never thought of using it for anything but waffles, but oh my goodness, there's lots you can make with them. I think the episode was about college living and she was teaching about cooking in a dorm room. Anyway, here are a few ideas on how to use your waffle iron for more than waffles!

--Quesadillas! Spray the iron with nonstick spray and lay one tortilla down. Put all your filling on top and layer another tortilla on top. Close lid and cook. It even seals the edges!

--Paninis! Instead of nonstick spray, butter your bread really well and put your sandwich on the iron. Close lid as well as you can and cook until golden brown.

--Cinnamon rolls! Take the already made cinnamon rolls you get in the refrigerated section and put one in each section of your iron after spraying with nonstick spray. Close and cook.

--Eggs! Scramble your eggs. Spray your iron with spray and pour in the eggs. Cook until nice and fluffy!

These are just a few. You can do donuts, hashbrowns, pizza rolls, biscuits, etc. Start looking at your waffle iron in a whole new way!


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