My New Vacuum Review!!!

**Bissell has no idea who I am. I am reviewing this on my own and all opinions are my own.**

So, my vacuum of 3 years is on the outs. It was my first review on here!
I noticed last night as I was vacuuming that it was not picking up as I wanted. I had to go over spots three and four times to get it clean. And I had just cleaned all the filters so I knew that wasn't the problem. This morning I started doing research on different vacuums. I didn't want to spend tons of money, (Would love a Dyson, but no.) I found the Bissell Powerforce Helix on Walmart for about 50$ which was right around what I wanted to spend. My biggest thing is that it has to work on pet hair. With Izzie moving home, we will have 3 dogs and a cat. They shed. A lot. All the reviews that I read, which I read reviews on Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy said this was a lightweight but powerful vacuum. I must say that I was impressed! I ordered on and picked up in store about an hour later. Love that I got to choose pink! This sucker is so light, I could hold the box with one hand. As I was paying, a lady who worked at Walmart made the comment that she had one and I asked how well she liked it. She said she wouldn't use anything else.
Very little assembly out of the box. You have to screw in 2 screws on the handle and attach the bottom part of the cord wind and the hose. And you're ready to go! Now, mind you, I had vacuumed last night and this is what I got off my floor--
Disgusting! The only downside I can find to this that could be improved is the length of the cord. With my old vacuum, it was long enough for 2-3 rooms, and this one is only long enough for one. But, for this amount of cleaning, I'll switch outlets! Thank you, Bissell! So far, I like it!


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