My Empty Nest Is Filling Back Up!

As some of you know, this is my gorgeous granddog, Bentley. Hopefully, as early as tomorrow, him and Izzie are moving back in!
Izzie has been stressed out beyond belief, both mentally and physically and where she has been living is way out in the country. She's been commuting over half an hour one way to work. And that's just this summer, with no classes. We finally talked to her and she decided that moving home, which is closer to work and school, is the best decision for right now. She'll be able to save up money and Bentley will get other puppies to play with! Plus, and I'm kind of hoping she doesn't read the blog, I'm kind of excited she's coming home. We barely get to see her and most of our communication is through texts because she's been so busy. I'm hoping that we'll get to see her more. My only reservation about it is having three dogs. Bentley is used to being an only dog and is very territorial. Him and Kojack have already gotten into one dog fight. Him and Bolt get along just fine. I'm hoping that because he does know the house and the other dogs, as long as I keep food and water bowls separate and make sure they are supervised, nothing bad will happen. Bentley can also be outside when no one is home. So, I'm happy my nest is filling back up, but wish me luck with the puppies! If you have any advice on integrating a third dog, let me know in the comments!


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