Hometown Tourist

As you all know, I am a transplanted southerner. I grew up in a small town in New York, near Albany. Moving to the south was a shock to the system, let me tell you. But, I think after almost 25 years, I have acclimated. I picked up the southern drawl, although the New York accent does come back every now and then. (My husband hates that I still call them "hot dawgs".) But, I was just talking to my daughter today about how I have really come to love our little town of Rustburg. It is a suburb of Lynchburg, VA, which if you are from anywhere around here know that Liberty University is here. Rustburg is the kind of town that boasts 3 stop lights in the entire town. I actually think that it's a village, not a town. But, what I really like is that you can walk into any store and most people know you. And if they don't, they are still warm and welcoming. My children have all gone to the same schools and even Bubby will graduate from the same high school as his sisters. The middle school is what used to be the high school back in the 50's. I love that my father in law's sister went there! Although we are only 10 minutes from Lynchburg, which is an up and coming city, it is still very country. We are surrounded by farms and countryside. You feel very far away from the city. It's a wonderful place to raise your children in my opinion. It's very lovely and recommend stopping by if you're in the Lynchburg area!


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