I got to thinking about coupons today since I'm going grocery shopping and figured that I would do a refresher on different ways you can save money. I'm all about sales and coupons. I don't like to pay full price. I even have my girls and husband couponing. Doodle seriously won't go to a store without a coupon now! I think this is a great skill to teach early on. We all need to save money, don't we? Now, back in the day, the only coupons were the ones that came in the newspaper or magazines. Nowadays, there are so many ways to get coupons besides that!

--Digital coupons-- Not only can you download them to store loyalty cards, like at my fave, Kroger, but there are other sites like Cellfire. Cellfire works the same way as the store loyalty card coupons. Just link your cards to your Cellfire account and when you check out, the coupon is applied! No clipping needed!

--Money Saving Apps-- Ibotta is an app that you can download and earn money for buying participating products. I have heard great things about this app. You link your loyalty accounts and when you buy participating products, you submit your receipt to earn cash back for buying them!

--Printable coupons--There are tons of coupons just waiting for you to print! are just a few of the websites that you can print coupons from. One tip for printing-before you start, set your printer to print in black and white and on draft mode.

--Write the companies that you like! Sometimes just letting the companies know that you like and use their products, they will reward you with coupons!

--Check your library. I know that ours has a coupon box where you can take what you like and if you have some that you can't use, you donate them. Also they have newspapers and if you ask, they may let you take the coupon inserts!

These are just a few ways. Now go out there and get all the coupons! Let me know how much you save next time you go shopping!


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