My Emptying Nest...

As you all know by now, I am becoming an empty nester. I had a moment yesterday when I realized just how empty it is becoming. This summer is definitely a summer of change. Doodle is graduated and getting ready to start college, Izzie is a senior in college this year and Bubby turns 12 on Sunday. I realized yesterday as Izzie was moving some of her stuff into our house to store just how different life is. Have you ever had that happen? You don't realize how life is changing until it suddenly hits you in one moment?
Izzie is turning 21 this year. 21! She has been living on her own for over a year now. We see her maybe once a month, which hopefully that will change because she is moving toward our end of town. Doodle has taken on full time status at work since she is out of school. So, she is gone more now too. And my house is becoming increasingly quieter.
Actually, what really started my whole realization was when Izzie was bringing in boxes and she handed me her bunny which she has had since birth and told me to hang on to it for safe keeping, until she's all moved. That bunny has been so loved that he has no neck anymore. His neck is a patch of fabric that I sewed on to hold the head on. Holding him made me sad, which got me thinking, which made me sentimental. But, the good part about the whole walk down memory lane was that I did realize that I am not being worked out of a job. They do still need me, even though they are capable young people. It's just that the needing becomes different. Instead of them needing me to take care of their needs, they need me to be there for them, more taking care of their emotional needs. Which, I have to admit, is an adjustment. I'm the type of mom who has to take care. Of everyone. All the time. It's just my nature. So, I'm learning to let go and let them do for themselves. I will tell you it's hard. But, as with any journey, I'm learning. Baby steps. But, I will still ask if they've eaten and feed them if they haven't! I don't care how old they are!


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